Josh Twelker

Rider Bio

Josh Twelker

Board:  The Standard 143
Boot: JT
Rope/Handle: The Standard Handle from Proline
Rope Length: 77.5
Boat Speed: Whatever feels good that day


Full Name?

Joshua Peter Twelker


July 19, 1993

What board and binding set up are you riding this season?

The Standard 143 with JT boots.

Where do you live now?

Discovery Bay California

Who do you look up to in wakeboarding?

I look up to people in wakeboarding who I feel like influence me to be more creative and whose style I respect. Some of these people include: Randal Harris, Chris O'shea, Danny Harf, Raph Derome, and Ben Greenwood.

One place you would like to travel?

The Philippines would be a pretty rad spot to go and ride at CWC.

Childhood hero?


Where is your favorite place to ride?

Always will love riding in my hometown spot in Discovery Bay over anywhere.

Are you competing in any contests this coming season?

I will definitely be doing all the boat tournaments I can get to. I've also been wanting to get into a few park tournaments as well.

What would you say is the best part about riding for CWB?

I would say the best part about riding for CWB would be the family I am a part of. I also get a lot of say in what I think the brand is doing which is important to me. Also the team is a rad group to hang out with.

What are you looking forward to this summer?

I'm just looking forward to riding everyday in warm weather with no wetsuits and progression. Pushing myself to keep progressing everyday is what keeps the fun alive for me.

If you could have one superpower what would it be?

Flying for sure.

What would you do if you couldn't wakeboard?

It's hard to say what I would be doing without wakeboarding. It has been something I love doing all my life I can't even imagine where I would be. I would probably be pursuing some other sport. I was never much of a school person haha.

Have you filmed for any videos lately?

I have been filming with my good friend Trever Maur a lot lately. You guys will have to stay posted for what is to come! Favorite television show?

Breaking Bad

Favorite movie?

Hard to pick one but the Batman series is the best.


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